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Award-Winning Web 3 Brands

Integrating Mixed Reality, the Metaverse, Blockchain Tokenization, and Artificial Intelligence.


Strong Interactive is trailblazing the future of Web 3 & the Internet

...through innovative approaches that provide frictionless user experiences with immediate utility and value.  As new technologies enable ever-expansive opportunities, our solutions leverage the power of mobile devices that most consumers already possess - creating immediate value for B2C and B2B initiatives across multiple sectors. Our vision is to revolutionize the way people use and enjoy digital assets, while maintaining and strengthening human connections.


We excel at developing integrated and actionable Web 3 strategies for Sports, Entertainment, Fine Dining, Collectible Art & E-Commerce...


With particular emphasis on Augmented Reality (the fastest expanding corner of the Metaverse), our mixed reality solutions take consumers beyond physical locations into digitally enhanced environments without leaving the real world.  Our cutting-edge solutions create deeper engagements that can be enjoyed communally, creating lasting memories of tangible experiences rather than virtual ones.

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Our strategic use of blockchain technology leverages its true benefits without the hype - providing efficient transactions, royalties to content partners, transparent ownership, and  certified authenticity.  In the age of generative AI where it's often difficult to distinguish human-generated content versus machine-learned derivatives, we believe that blockchain technology has a key role to play in verifying authorized content and protecting intellectual property. 


We're leveraging the power of generative AI to bring efficiency and speed to producing mixed reality content, and to create novel user experiences that were never-before possible.  The quality of AI-generated content is only as good as the data sets they rely upon - which makes our exclusive content from legendary sports and entertainment figures, visual artists, executive chefs, and others particularly powerful and unique.


Ranked among the world's best Web 3 ventures

Strong Interactive builds innovative B2C and B2B brands by applying its core competencies across multiple verticals to seize upon current market opportunities and create new ones.  Learn more about our award-winning ventures and become part of our success through partnership and/or investment.

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