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Converting original master artwork into Augmented Reality digital assets that are viewable with AR-enabled mobile devices.  Unlike other NFT art projects, the unique experience of viewing three-dimensional reproductions in high resolution provides greater utility and a more engaging experience than two-dimensional flat screen images.  Our methodology enables art enthusiasts to experience rarely viewed originals, and allows creators and owners to monetize otherwise illiquid assets, along with a variety of other benefits from blockchain automated royalties to reduced fraud with verifiable authenticity.  Additionally, these digital assets can be enjoyed in both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to enhance both physical and virtual spaces.

Art Basel Miami (2022)

In partnership with Beyond Art, Strong Interactive converted more than $40 Million worth of original artwork into Augmented Reality digital assets that were displayed at a private reception during Art Basel week in Miami. Included in the AR exhibition were original paintings from Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Jean Michel Basquiat and César Galicia - viewable with mobile devices, and eventually with AR smart glasses to be released by Apple, Samsung and others...

BA Art Basel Photos - Tiny.png
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