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B2B Services

Unlocking the power of Web 3 technology for corporate brands & startup ventures across multiple sectors & verticals

Customized Web3 Solutions

Strong Interactive stands at the forefront of delivering customized Web3 solutions, showcasing its expertise in integrating mixed reality content, blockchain protocols, and tokenization to craft unique digital experiences. These services are pivotal for businesses aiming to establish a dominant presence in the burgeoning Web3 landscape. The company’s approach emphasizes creating user-friendly applications that are both innovative and practical, ensuring immediate utility and value. By leveraging the latest in mixed reality and AI technologies, Strong Interactive provides B2B clients with tools that not only capture the essence of their brand but also enhance their digital footprint in a rapidly evolving digital ecosystem. This commitment to cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the Web3 space enables Strong Interactive to deliver solutions that are not just current but future-ready, positioning their clients at the vanguard of digital innovation.

Content Partnerships

A key aspect of Strong Interactive's services is the development of exclusive content partnerships, particularly in areas like sports, entertainment, and fine arts. By negotiating rights with content partners, including professional athletes, entertainers, and owners of original artworks, Strong Interactive crafts unique digital experiences. These experiences often include AI-powered metaverse interactions, offering fans and consumers unprecedented access to virtual engagements with celebrities and athletes. Their approach extends beyond traditional “Name, Image, & Likeness” agreements, encompassing voice and story rights for more immersive AI-powered experiences. These partnerships not only provide a novel avenue for fan engagement but also open up new revenue streams for content creators, leveraging the power of blockchain for secure, transparent transactions and intellectual property protection.

Water Drops

Product Placements

Strong Interactive's expertise extends to strategic product placements within their Web 3 services, offering businesses a novel platform for brand exposure. By integrating products and brands into their mixed reality content and digital assets, Strong Interactive creates immersive experiences that naturally showcase products in an engaging, interactive environment. This approach is particularly effective in the hospitality and e-commerce sectors, where Strong Interactive's AR previews and 3D-AR NFTs provide a unique opportunity for businesses to display their products. For example, in the hospitality industry, they transform menu items into augmented reality previews, offering diners a compelling way to explore culinary offerings. These product placements not only enhance the user experience but also provide a powerful tool for businesses to increase brand visibility and customer engagement in the burgeoning Web 3 market.

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