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Recognized Innovation

Strong Interactive's brands have been recognized for their trailblazing solutions in sports, entertainment, fine dining, collectible art, e-commerce, and more...  


"Baller Mixed Reality is revolutionizing the collectibles industry... The company’s innovative approach combines cutting-edge technology with blockchain verification to create a new level of immersion and interactivity for fans."


"Top Sports Brand Initiative"

Baller Mixed Reality


"Unlike other NFTs, these collectibles can be placed into real-world environments and viewed from 360 degrees in high-definition 3D, both inside and outside of the metaverse - an entirely new way to enjoy autographed memorabilia."


"Baller Mixed Reality has created a novel solution to the scourge of counterfeiting and fraud in the collectibles market... the first series of 3D-AR NFT sports collectibles ever produced... an invaluable solution to a costly problem."


"Amid the current Big Tech shakeup and crypto crash, smaller and more agile startups like Baller Mixed Reality continue to gain ground. Some ventures driven by speculation and hype will falter, while others rooted in real innovation and problem-solving will succeed."

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