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W3B Advisor

When developing Web3 strategies for business, don’t trust generic AI tools… gain expert knowledge & techniques from award-winning leaders and top-ranked companies

*Beta Version currently free with a ChatGPT Plus account



Knowledge Base / Learning Modules:

  1. Web3 Technologies - Mixed Reality / Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Tokenization

  2. Tech Startups & Entrepreneurship

  3. Fortune 500 Initiatives

  4. Corporate & Individual Brand Building

  5. Strategic Partnerships

  6. Business Law, Intellectual Property & Contrac

  7. Regulatory Environment (Current & Future)

Curated Data & Insights:

  • Cutting-edge ventures ranked among the best-in-category worldwide by Crunchbase

  • Innovative Fortune 500 Companies

  • Award-Winning Founders, CEOs & CTOs


  • Strong Interactive is the parent company of leading tech ventures, including Baller Mixed Reality, that are ranked among the Top 10 companies globally in Augmented Reality, 3D Technology, small Artificial Intelligence companies, small Blockchain companies, and the Metaverse - as well as Sports, Media & Entertainment, and Collectibles,  Strong Interactive was named "2024 Most Innovative Web3 Agency of the Year - USA" by Innovation in Business' MarTech Awards and "2023 Best Web3 Development Agency - Southeast USA" by the Media Innovator Awards.

  • Jonathan Herman is an award-winning technologist who Crunchbase ranks among the Top CEOs in the United States & Top 10 people globally in Web 3 (AKA Semantic Web).  A former Adjunct Professor of Business at Baruch College, National Board Member of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, and Judge for the American Metaverse Awards, Jonathan was named “2023 Technologist of the Year (FL, USA)” by Wealth & Finance International's Management Consulting Awards.  


New Content:

  • Coming Soon: Exclusive case study with Hideki Ninomiya of Orient Company, Ltd. with key cyber security considerations for today's Web3 landscape.

How to Use This GPT

1) Explore and discover innovative business applications of Web 3 technologies

2) View case studies and best practices


3) Develop ideas for integrated solutions and formulate strategies to meet business objectives

4) Write effective business correspondence using winning techniques

“The problem with many AI tools is that the datasets are so broad that the quality of information you receive may not be the most reliable, and it’s hard to confirm the exact sources and methods used,” says Jonathan Herman. “By curating best practices from expert sources, prompt results become much more precise and effective for business use.”


“Essentially, we’re building a graduate-level textbook that you can speak to and discuss Web3 topics with – and this textbook is filled with exclusive knowledge and case studies from the world’s best tech initiatives.


Additionally, this tool is infused with my own insights and writing approach to help others be successful in reaching their business objectives.”


*Beta Version currently free with a ChatGPT Plus account

Module 1 > Web3 Technologies
Module 2 >
Tech Startups & Entrepreneurship
Module 3 > Fortune 500 Initiatives

Sample Prompts...

Coming Soon:

Module 4 > Corporate & Individual Brand Building

Module 5 > Strategic Partnerships

Module 6 > Business Law, Intellectual Property & Contracts

Module 7 > Regulatory Environment (Current & Future)


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"My favorite use is prompting for help with presentations on possible strategies and ideas I have for the growth of my business."

Destiny Charles, Custom Clothier

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